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I'm just a laid back guy, who can be a bit of a spazz sometimes once I'm comfortable around you. I mostly post SFM posters on here, but I will post the occasional cosplay photo. I enjoy Valve games, Doctor Who, and Gravity Falls. And, yes. I do take free SFM poster requests! So don't feel intimidated to ask for one!

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Tagged by: :iconluckyhachi:, :iconbritty-neko:, and :iconxentarian: 
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  •  Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
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Ten Things About Me:
I love my girlfriend. So very much. Nobody can every replace her, and nothing anyone says can change how I feel!
2: I live on a dairy farm.
3: I am a major TF2 and Doctor Who fan. Both of them are my favorite things. If I'm doing anything to help pass the time, you can bet that I'm doing one of those two things, if not, SFM. (Though, it is Doctor Who most of the time. Catching up on the classics right now.)
4: I have a pet cat, but I'm more of a dog person. Of course, my mom and sister are cat people, my dad really doesn't have a preference, so guess who won? Oh well, I still love this cat. She's fun to play with and watch.
5: I got my driver's license today. Yay!
6: I prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi
7: I have a green Gameboy Color.
8: I'm in between being agnostic and atheist. I believe that there might be a God, just not the God of any organized religion. I also don't believe we live to please any God. Just live your life, as you never know if this is your only one. And when we die, we'll find out if nothing happens, or if there really is an afterlife.
9: My favorite food is pasta
10: I procrastinate on a lot of things.

:iconluckyhachi:'s questions: 
1. Do you even lift, bro? 
  Yeah. 40 grain buckets every day. :3

2. Do you eat ice cream like a child? I mean, mash that shit yo.
  Depends on the mood I'm in.  

3. Will you answer these completely honest?
  Of course! I'm always honest for you, honey!

4. What season of year is your favorite, and why? 
  I like Spring and Autumn. Not too hot, and not too cold. The weather is perfect!

5. DO YOU LOVE ME? *omfg, don't need to answer* 
  You should know this by now. YES! I love you so much, I'd take up most of this journal entry if I had to describe it.

6. Do ya got da bootey? *as in, treasure* ARR! 
  Well, I have you. Isn't that enough? :heart:

7. I am Captain Bubbles, will you join my crew and look for adventure? 
  Of course! As I am your Captain Cuddles!

8. Favorite actor? 
  This is tough. But, for the sake of simplicity, I'm gonna go with Matt Smith. XD

  I dunno. Don't ask me!

  Dance with you. :heart:

:iconbritty-neko: didn't ask questions. *wipes sweat* Whew!

:iconxentarian:'s questions: 

1 Would you play games with a friendly dinosaur
  Hell yeah!!

2 Do you like pink
  If you mean the singer, I guess she's OK. If you mean the color, then, it's OK too.

3 Fav type of music
    I like country, J-pop, and some rap. 

4 Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are?

5 Graffiti? >->
 If it's artistic and on an abandoned building, sure! 

6 Fight Q(<-<Q)


8 Chocolate cake to share :3
I'll always share!

9 Are you a poopy head
    I don't think so.

10 how tall are I can feel tall or short
    I am 5 feet and 9 inches tall :3 (1.7526 meters)

(No tags or questions from me. You guys get a break XD)
  • Mood: Stunned

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Oh! Well, thank you for watching! :D
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Pfft, you're welcome, and thanks! :D
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